Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Standing the Test of Time

“He was never lonely because he was beginning to write. He had discovered that in communing with his own mind he was in communication with life.”

                    The Eternal Wonder by Pearl S. Buck
                                Page 2162 Kindle edition

The sun is shining for the first time in days. The blue of the sky is a brilliant contrast to the white of the snow.

This quote says it all. Sometimes there is something magical about the writing process. In the past, I have guarded my writing time with a passion. Presently I am in an ideal situation, spending the winter in a beautiful setting in the Ponderosa Pines near the Columbia River, and this winter I have the house to myself. I feel quite luxurious, with my laptop, my books, my notebooks, pens strewn all over and the whole days to work on my projects. Certainly, I am not lonely.

I imagine that writers throughout the centuries have felt transported as they created their works. I have been discouraged many times over the years but I keep coming back to what sustains me. I have many good writers that I admire and are a source of inspiration.
Pearl S Buck was a Nobel Prize winner and was awarded the Pulitzer for A Good Earth. The Eternal Wonder, her last book, was lost for 40 years and was published in 2013.


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