Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Thought for the Day

I experience things that I don't understand while "in the soup" but through time and reflection,  I realize the meaning of a situation or recognize a change that has taken place within my heart of hearts.

Writing has always been the means by which I reflect and express my thoughts and emotions. Writing is the connection and the bridge that has determined which path to take when life changing decisions have to be made.

And so it is, too, that when I read what others have written I gain insight into other parts of myself. We are after all, connected; different aspects of one another, one family of humankind.

"Any significant soul-shaping event becomes more integrated into our consciousness, and more universal, when we can express the essence of the experience and have it received in depth by another. I am convinced that any human being who can serve witness for another at a soul level heals the separateness and isolation that we might otherwise feel.

Crossing to Avalon
Jean Shinoda Bolen
pages 111, 112

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