Monday, September 22, 2008

About Autumn

In a word, bittersweet, this season of fall, this transition between summer and winter when the leaves turn gorgeous colors before they die and when the days turn crisp and cool like a ripe apple. Time seems to pass more quickly, as the daylight hours get shorter and shorter, and the school children assemble in classrooms. Halloween generates high excitement, pumpkins harvested and the full moon presides as the veil between the world of spirits and our daily lives dissipates. Autumn represents harvest in preparation for winter, and the gathering of family and friends in appreciation of this part of Mother Nature’s cycle.

In my own life, this season means concern about the weather, and shorter days which make me claustrophobic. I am melancholy as I mourn the sun’s brief appearance in the skies. I worry about the frosty, foggy mornings as I prepare for my early morning drive to work. I know that winter approaches, my least favorite of seasons but I am learning to be more accepting. All things have a purpose in Mother Nature’s plan.

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