Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Old Dog Learning New Tricks

So if I learn this new thing will it be a distraction from the creative process? I like challenges; they stimulate me. I confess that I enjoy the new gadgets. Meaning tablets, (Kindles, Iphones,Ipads, Chromebooks, etc. I have come a long way from my portable Royal typewriter, which I loved, by the way.

I am staying focused on letting go, if that makes any sense at all. Here I am still in the freefall method of writing; some of the things I read online are written with such confidence by young people. I am cautious about believing what I read. Young people are wonderful there is no doubt. But those of us with decades of life experience can be learned from. But I am not a teacher per se. I am only a human being on this path. Certainly it would be wonderful to be acknowledged by another and no I am not talking about the relationship with another person, or persons. I am speaking of spirit and creativity, and being centered. Validation would be another good word. But if our validation does not come from within then who outside of ourselves will see who we really are?

Perhaps I am only taking notes; will the Great Work ever be created? Perhaps it is the act of writing that is this great accomplishment, the enjoying of the moment, the telling of the story that is the fulfillment and the success. The challenge and the joy of using words, written words is why I am awake in the wee hours, celebrating on this eve before All Saint's Day. And so it is.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Holding the Pen, Writing My Own Story

"When writing the story of your life,
don't let anyone else hold the pen."

            Writing has always been the channel for my creativity and a way to order my thoughts and consequently my life. Journaling, at one point, was what kept me sane when chaos  ruled. The act of putting words on paper was a way of meditating, of calming my mind. People have told me over the years that I should write a book.  I harbored this thought for a long time now but until now have not attempted wholeheartedly to do so because it seems like such a daunting project.

This is not a quick process, nor is it an easy one, and it is not finished. There are many chapters in this life story, and the story is not a simple one to write but it has taken on a life of its own. Still, as I get older I am compelled to write my story, because if I don’t, then who will?