Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Helplessly Romantic Me, Then and Now


Essence of the me
in those exotic, infatuating
days, of courtship,
of being loved and special
to the point of marriage
the most vulnerable of all;
Swept up in (too good to be true)
the desire to be loved
and to love, to connect
to commit, to trust for
one short lifetime.

I accepted  who you were
at the time of our connection;
There was truth there in your eyes
shining through depths
of doubt and despair.
I thought I could love you enough
to make a difference
and I suppose I did in a way,
knowing that In the long run
that my heart would be broken,
that I expected too much
but  I took that risk for you.


I am a wiser, sadder,
different me.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Winter So Far 2016

winter sounds;
dripping faucet
rhythmic, assuring
that water is flowing
and not frozen in place

the crackling of the fire
wood stacked and ready
the stove a faithful friend

I had worried about winter
first one on my own
but I am living it now
each day
full appreciation
for the slow and sweet
sanctuary of solitude

yet and still mourning
for the loss of an ideal
a love, a companionship
ah the self-doubt is at the door
but I am warm inside
life is
what it is

the innermost of me
the simple task
of staying warm
stoking the fire

being quiet
these cold winter nights

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

What a Year

I read a comment by someone on FaceBook the other day. This person could not understand why so many of us were upset by the outcome of the election. A can of worms; where do I start? This is a personal issue and yet it is universal.

Michelle Obama's stirring speech is right on the mark:


The dust has settled somewhat, at least for the moment.  We are in for the long haul. I believe that anyone who has been abused sexually, physically, or emotionally was triggered to some degree by the rude and crass behavior and language by the man who is somehow in the position of representing this country.  I can't even say his name. I call foul.

I know what is is like to be belittled, disrespected and manipulated. As a young mother I was a battered woman. I know the fear and the helplessness and the challenges of coping with a life that makes you at the mercy of another.

This is not the legacy I want to leave my grandchildren. This man is not a role model in any way. It is not "normal" to bully and bluster and threaten. And he is going to run the country?  Oh America, what have we done?