Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The Crossroad

     Today is my 71st  birthday.  Many are the memories and I have a rich life, abundant in the blessing of my family and close friends.  These are the treasures of my heart that I embrace in these times of trouble in our country and on our planet, Mother Earth. I believe what we as a nation are experiencing right now is the fight for our constitution, our democracy, and the life of our Mother Earth.

    It is disturbing to think my grandchildren may grow up without a democratic system, that they may grow up under a fascist regime.  At this point, there are no guarantees of the outcome of the election. I am not a politician or a historian but to me, it is obvious that we are headed down a dangerous path and if things continue as they have been under the authoritarian dictates of the POTUS and his constant negativity, scapegoating and desecration of our constitution we will lose our democracy. 

    It is disturbing that so many, including people that I have known for many years, continue to support #45. It is disturbing that people bicker and are petty on social media instead of engaging in rational discussions. Such is human nature I suppose.

  This is an election like no other in our history. These are unprecidented times. I have read that we are in a battle for the soul of this country, and I believe it is true. I hope and pray that people search their hearts and do the right thing not only for ourselves but for our progeny. It's the least we can do.








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