Tuesday, March 13, 2012


The power of words is undeniable. The origin of all poetry was magical invocation of the goddess..and when the Muse visits, she brings with Her a magical feeling of channeling.

"Though they are only breath

Words that I command
Are immortal."


Natalie Goldberg writes: "Writing can teach you many things. To learn the art of writing is to obtain magical powers. They are a secret. No one can give them to you. You must work at them yourself. And do not abuse it"

Another woman writer that I admire is Anais Nin:

"To write without feeling is to miss the one element which animates every line with life" or "writing itself is often a waking dream" 


When one is good.
Those eyes, so terrible,
When one deserves it.
Those eyes that pierce the night,
Following me when I run away,
Those dark eyes that pierce
My heart.
Those tempting eyes that
I sometimes run from
Because they are too sweet,
Alas, where can I hide?
If I do wrong, they are so angry!
If I do right, so good, so sweet
that my heart melts.
Those eyes, an illusion, perhaps,
They are the eyes of the conscience
Of my soul.

~Anais Nin~

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