Awards and Publications

Biography and list of awards and work published.

I have been writing since childhood and my first poem was published in the newspaper The Palouse Rebublic in the 1960’s.

Poems published in anthologies
1.  Famous Poems of the Twentieth Century in 1996
2. The Best in Poetry in 1999
the poem entitled “Quintessence”


The Boomerang 

a letter written about my visit to New York on September 11, 2001

Fall 1998: the prose piece “The Last Vigil”
Spring 1999: the prose piece  Spring Harvest”
Winter, 2001: Ascension
Spring 2002: Layers
Fall 2002: two haiku poems “Transformation and Heart’sEase”

Honorable Mention in 1996
 by the Iliad Awards Program for the poem “Quintessence”
Fall 1998 Quarterly Laureate Award of Merit
by the Verses Laureate Program for the prose piece “Last Vigil”
December Monthly Winner in the 2002 Poet of the Year Competition
For my chapbook entry called “To Become; Glimpses into My Life

The poems “Poet’s HeartSong,
 “Where Do My Children Play?”
“To Become”
selected for publication from the chapbook entry,

Poet Laureate /Fall 2002
Pen in Hand
Published in the fall issue
Dusk in the Grove
Fourth quarter (August 2002) Winner
Published in fall issue

Honorable Mention
 “To Become, Glimpses into a Life” in the 2002 Poet of the Year Competition.

Monthly Award of Merit/Chapbook
“Seasons of One Life, Here and There, Now and Then”

May, 2004
Honorable Mention for a short story, “Choice and Consequence

November 2004  
Honorable mention in creative non fiction contest “An Unexpected Gift

December 2006
Honorable mention for nostalgia piece “Lunch with Grandma”

A Muse
 April 3, 2012

As Time Goes By
Got Cult?
February 6, 2013

As Time Goes By
February 26, 2013
Silent No More

As Time Goes By
April 19, 2013
The River (a Haibun)

As Time Goes By
May 1, 2013
Stream of Consciousness

As Time Goes By
June 14, 2013
Invisible Scars, Broken Lives, No Turning Back

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