Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Compassionate Abiding

Living in a place where the winter is deep and white has proven to be both a quietly joyful and heart wrenching journey this year. Today I am alone with my thoughts and my feelings but this solitude is also comforting. In the aftermath of some deep emotional challenges the past couple of years I learn different ways to cope and to process the events of life.
I have been blessed with the time and the space to slow down and live one day at a time. I sit by the warmth of the woodstove and watch the snow falling past the window. Every once in awhile there is a loud thud as the snow slides down off the roof and lands in a big pile.
Along with books, movies,  and my journal, I also have the benefit of the internet which is a great tool, my “window to the world”. Recently I discovered an interview of Pema Chodron done by Oprah, two of my favorite teachers.  I feel compelled to give it a home here on my blog. Enjoy!

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