Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Goddess Hestia

Fires of Hestia

Hestia, the keeper of the sacred fire of the hearth. Hearth in Latin means "focus”; look inward to sense and relate to what is happening in the world outwardly. Hestia is the archetype of inner centeredness.
"The Self is what we experience inwardly when we feel relationship to oneness that connects us to the essence of everything outside of us. At this spiritual level, 'connecting' and 'detachment' are, paradoxically, the same. When we feel ourselves in touch with an inner source of warmth and light (metaphorically, warmed and illuminated by a spiritual fire). The "fire" warms those we love in our households and keeps us in touch with others who are far away."
~Goddesses in Everywoman~
Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD

Life has been a roller coaster of feelings as of late; a time of transition and uncertainty.  I remind myself not to resist the emotions, but to face them, embrace them, and let them go.
I am at home, listening to the rain spattering on the roof. The window is open slightly so I can breathe in the freshly washed air. I am alone today as the others of the household are out and about.  These rare times of solitude are gifts; a few hours free to get in touch with my inner being.
     I feel the connectedness with Mother Nature, and with my loved ones and friends, both living and those that have passed over. There is a quiet, deep joy that comes to me; a contentment that I know is my real self.


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