Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Power of Story

"Then what was felt deeply and never articulated, shared, or put in a context fades from conscious awareness.
Without words or names for an experience, memory is hampered. It's bit like not knowing how to access information that is stored in a computer.
Only when we have words that fit what we know deeply is it possible to contemplate the meaning of an experience."
p.52..Crossing to Avalon Jean Shinoda Bolen

It is my experience that what I know deeply although so often it is beyond words, still needs to be expressed. To process the truth of an experience, to honor my inner self and the universal connection is the desire that sparks the inspiration to create by the written word.

The power of story  is undeniable and is a lifetime’s work; a joy, a responsibility, and a fulfillment of purpose. It’s not about the fame and riches. It’s about art, life, poetry, and love.

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