Friday, January 9, 2015


What is the measure of a friendship?  I imagine a ship; a luxury ocean liner, a freighter, or a fishing boat.  Neither the size nor the variety is of consequence, however, because the important thing is that a friendship is what we have in common as we travel on the voyage of life.  A friendship is special craft that will not sink because one of us will repair the leaks, nor will the ship get lost at sea because there will always be someone to read the compass and play whatever part is needed, be it the captain or the steward. On this ship with our friends we can express thoughts and emotions without fear of being judged or condemned. We can rely on others to give us honest and truthful reflections. I believe that best friends include others on the tour, and should there be a man overboard, someone will come to the rescue.  Needless to say there are also plenty of life jackets on board for one and all.

Aristotle said that friends are a single soul dwelling in two bodies. True friends perceive the person beneath the exterior and difference of culture, race, or sex.  I believe, also, that to maintain a strong and enduring friendship each person should be allowed and encouraged to pursue his own interests. We each have a uniqueness that is invaluable and can only enhance a good friendship.  

Friendship is a state of being in which there is complete honesty, trust, and a knowing that you desire the best for each other. Friends realize that happiness grows in the sharing of it.  A friend will not only celebrate with you your joys in life but will also help you through your darkest hours.

To me, the most important element in a good friendship is having confidence in each other, not only the ability to recognize and believe in the best qualities, but also to know that they are each other’s trusted confidants. As human beings we need each other to feel connected beyond the physical world. We need to nurture and be nurtured, to laugh and cry with one another and to share our deepest longings. A good friendship is, indeed, a blessing, a shelter from life’s tempests and a vessel on which we gladly embark

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