Monday, July 1, 2013

Moment of Reflection

Hot summer day at last here at home, shedding the energy of the traffic and people scurrying about on the highways and in the cities. The weather was kind sun and balmy breezes were relaxing. There is good in everything, of course, but the good is not always obvious until I have a chance to stop and reflect.  One of the images I have in my mind as of late is the spider web. What affects one strand of the spider’s web affects the whole. How strong and how fragile we are!

I am not a visionary like some of my counter parts on the planet. I am a heart being who depends on intuition and emotion for discernment.  It is my desire to stay simple and clear and kind. That being said I find myself a more direct person. I heard a phrase recently; someone wanted to know if telling the truth was negative. My answer to that is, denial is a dysfunction, so to face the truth about ourselves and our world is what we need to do to heal.  I must be true to who I am.

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