Monday, April 8, 2013


The River

I get up early and walk upriver to enjoy the fresh morning breeze and the birdsong. The sunrise reflects on the glossy surface of the river creating diamonds of sparkling light. Near the estuary where the spring joins the river I notice a creature swimming towards the shore. As it comes closer, I see that it is a beaver. I stand motionless and watch as he makes his slow progress across.

serene of morning
undisturbed; creation’s peace
sunrise in command

I spend this summer day by the banks of the mighty Columbia River considering its mystery and ponder the workings of my own life.  The river is wise and powerful and its silence is comforting. Despite rocky shore, various plants thrived on the sandy ground and bloom with tiny wildflowers.  The osprey flies to and from its nest on the opposite bank. Once or twice a day the train etches itself along that ridge. The rocks scrabble noisily down and I wonder if the bank will give way. I shed my clothes; wade into the chilly water in as far as I dare and plunge under.

Deep cold water
soaring birds against the sky
sharing river life.

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