Thursday, March 31, 2022

Going Backwards

 I generally try not to get into politics on social media. It seems counterproductive but there are times when I am compelled to share my point of view.

The idea that Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare could be eliminated if the Republicans take control is disturbing. As a woman of low means in my 70s this affects me and thousands of others. It is because of Medicaid that I can afford eye treatments for wet AMD. I will lose my vision in time if I don't get these treatments. This is just one example.  There are many of us with health issues as we age, many of us that are low income. I think there is a misconception of "lazy poor people". There may be those rotten apples that spoil things for everyone but I personally don't know anyone like that. I certainly didn't plan to be on SSI and have a food card, but here I am. This is how my life evolved. 

Oh, and the idea that the right to choose to use birth control or have an abortion could be stripped away does not seem like progress, not to mention making same-sex marriage illegal. We are going backward in my humble opinion. It feels like democracy is slipping away.

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