Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Helplessly Romantic Me, Then and Now


Essence of the me
in those exotic, infatuating
days, of courtship,
of being loved and special
to the point of marriage
the most vulnerable of all;
Swept up in (too good to be true)
the desire to be loved
and to love, to connect
to commit, to trust for
one short lifetime.

I accepted  who you were
at the time of our connection;
There was truth there in your eyes
shining through depths
of doubt and despair.
I thought I could love you enough
to make a difference
and I suppose I did in a way,
knowing that In the long run
that my heart would be broken,
that I expected too much
but  I took that risk for you.


I am a wiser, sadder,
different me.

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