Thursday, June 13, 2013

Country Mouse in the City

            It’s not the first time I have been in a City but this time I am especially aware of Traffic and the Number of People here in Sacramento, California. (Hotel California?) Whew! It is mind boggling. That being said, this is Day Four of our adventure and most people have been friendly. I like that people smile and open doors, for example. Kind gestures make a big difference.
            I focus on the simple things, like the palm trees, the blue skies, and the warm breezes. What’s not to like? A couple of margaritas help.  They are good medicine for the weary traveler, although tonight I opted for a Corona.

            I had an interesting episode in Ashland, Oregon, the second stop on our trip.  After dinner as hubby and I were walking to see the play (Shakespeare Festival, I love it) this gal, whom we had seen in the pub said to me, “I like your hair cut!” And I said thank you. She then went on to say that I reminded her of her great grandmother who had just died. She told me I was beautiful and that my husband was a lucky man.  Well grandmother at my age (nearing 64) is one thing, but GREAT Grandmother???? She may have had a pint too many but I love the encouragement.

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